Frequently Asked Questions

…if we don't know, we'll make something up.

Does Meadows only do weddings?

No, we are an event venue, we do nearly any type of event you could want. From corporate events, to fundraisers, pop-up restaurants, parties, commercial shoots, retreats, and even film sets. If you have an event we are happy to hear any idea!

However, we primarily focus on the wedding market so we are not willing to take on events that could jeopardize or damage our facilities for any of our weddings.

What is the nearest town?

Believe it or not we are only 2.5 miles from downtown Cleveland. We know you drive through a lot of nothing to get here, but civilization is not far away!

How is the best way to get in touch with Meadows?

For weddings it is best to fill out the contact form, it actually creates a new work flow in our system every time someone inquires about a wedding which helps prevent missed inquiries and allows us to best serve you and answer any questions you may have. You can also always email or call for any wedding inquires, but we will most likely ask you to still fill out the form. If you just want to hear the soothing sounds of my voice then we feel you.

For all other inquiries email and phone calls (you can also text our number!) are welcomed.

Social media is the worst way to get in touch with us, Facebook messenger is terrible and Instagram messages often go to the requests folder. We also get bombarded daily with social media messages, (particularly from elderly relatives like grandparents) about how amazingly talented we are for our beautiful photos that we didn't take. Good luck explaining to them otherwise. Because of these wonderful daily reminders our inbox get a little cluttered and things can get overlooked much easier, especially if you have a name that makes you sound like a boomer.

Seriously, we love getting calls and messages from anyone, but we can only guide so many grandparents into the venue from bad directions each week, eventually we will have to see a therapist about these issues. As far as we know we are not open 24/7/365 so please allow 24 hours for most responses during the week and longer if you inquire over the weekend. (That's usually our busy time.) We promise we don't ignore back to back to back phone calls just for fun...

just kidding we do. We like buzzing pockets.

Can I come tour the venue anytime?


Why can I not tour the venue anytime?

If you're asking this seriously we really don't think we can help you, but we do have a no quit attitude so we will try.

Out of respect for our clients, events, staff and even ourselves please do not show up unannounced to Meadows, we have weekend events often, weekday events often, holiday events often, and whatever days are left there is probably something happening. Please be respectful of our property and our people and reach out before showing up at Meadows.

(Especially when you pull in and ask if there is a wedding going on as there is a wedding going on, we have talked about installing spike strips like at some parking lots.)

In all seriousness you are welcome at Meadows anytime...
as long as you scheduled it first.

How does pricing work?

We price by day of the week. Saturdays are most expensive, followed by Fridays then Sundays and finally Monday-Thursday which is the least costly day in terms of price! We also have seasonal adjustments based on what month the date falls under; some months even fluctuate within themselves. The best example would be the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November are higher priced than the rest of the month (These also happen to be the highest priced weeks of the year due to peak fall weather usually landing during these dates.) Another example would be early April is less than late April because the weather is normally better towards the end of the month.

If you want to know the price of a specific date simply fill out our contact form. You will receive an automated email and can respond from there with your desired dates, one of Meadows' team members will be in touch soon!

We receive hundreds of emails each week and our team does all correspondence in house. You should expect a response from us within 24 - 48 hours during the workweek, but if you email us over weekends it may take longer than usual to hear back from one of your messages because there's always lots going on at this time!

Do you offer all inclusive packages?

We do not.

We love weddings and we want you to have a unique experience. That's why when it comes down the aisle, no two Meadows Weddings are alike! We also don't offer wedding packages that seem like they came from an assembly line. At our place (where creativity is king) this would be boring as heck; plus what fun does life get if everything has been done before? When a venue starts offering all inclusive options, things start getting more and more similar. Same caterer? Same photographer? Same florals? get the picture!

This isn't us, and even though we are more than happy to make recommendations, we want your special day to be your dream, not a boxed lunch.

Are there any fees not included in the quote?

Yes, there are 2, no 3, errr.... make it 2.5.
Let us explain:
1. We require all of our events to take out event insurance for their specific event. We use a company called Nuptial Risk that specializes in event insurance, specifically weddings.

Yes, we carry tons of all kinds of insurance for Meadows, but after with discussing it with many lawyers, advisors and insurance experts we believe the best way to protect our clients and ourselves is by making this a requirement for each wedding that books with us.

This policy usually runs a few hundred dollars and must be signed and paid by the client to go into effect. For those reasons everything pertaining to this policy goes directly through Nuptial Risk rather than through Meadows.

2. We require every event, especially weddings to pay a cleaning fee based on the number of people attending the wedding. The cleaning company we partner with charges $1.50 per person with a 100 person minimum and a 300 person maximum. So basically your wedding cleaning fee would range from $150 to $450 depending on the number of people at the wedding.

2.5 - 3, whatever you want to call it. We can't really call it a fee because it's optional. We add a 3% charge to every contract to cover the credit/debit card fees, if the client pays the balance in full without using a credit or debit card then we remove the fee from the balance owed.

How many hours do you have the venue for?

Weekday rentals (Mon. - Thurs.) are 10am - 10pm.
Our weekend wedding rental (Fri., Sat., Sun.) is from 9am - 11pm.

Can you bring your own alcohol?

Yes, you can bring your own alcohol or you can hire a caterer or bartender to bring it if you prefer. We do however require our clients to hire a professional bartender or bartenders to serve the alcohol. If anyone is caught consuming alcohol not served by the bartender it could result in the loss of the clients damage deposit.

Do you require an off duty officer?

For weddings only serving beer and wine, or dry weddings we do not require an off duty officer. Weddings serving liquor may be required to hire an off duty officer for their event.

Is the day before/rehearsal/rehearsal dinner included?

The short answer is no.
We do offer multi-day packages, but due to the demand each single day wedding rental is for only one day.

So if we don't rent multiple days when do we do rehearsal?

The majority of our weddings make off-site rehearsal dinners. They usually do a quick walk-through off-site as well. As long as you are using a quality planner/coordinator, you have nothing to worry about, but for peace of mind, some of our couples choose to do a quick morning of walkthrough as well! (Couples can do the walk-through with half their wedding party or all at once, depending on whether the couple wants to see each other at the ceremony. )